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Best Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018 Rating is from U.S. News and World Report, a leading publisher of annual authoritative rankings including Best Medicare Plans. Our plan does not have a direct relationship with U.S. News. This award was not given by Medicare. Our overall rating from Medicare for 2018 is 5.0. Our plan’s official CMS Star Rating can be found at

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KelseyCare Advantage provides you access to more than 63,000 network pharmacies nationwide, including 1,300 pharmacies in our service area.  Our Medicare Part D pharmacy access exceeds Medicare requirements. 

Within the 1,300 pharmacies located in our service area, there are three types of pharmacies - Retail, Long-Term Care and Home Infusion. Preferred Cost-Sharing Pharmacies include the Kelsey-Seybold pharmacies and all H-E-B pharmacies.

A convenient way to find a Retail Pharmacy in the service area is to search by zip code, city or pharmacy name using the form below. You can also search by the three pharmacy types in our pharmacy network: Retail, Long-Term Care (LTC) and Home Infusion.

Search for a Pharmacy

Please select your search criteria by specifying any or all of the fields below:
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The pharmacy network may change at any time. You will receive notice when necessary.

KelseyCare Advantage’s pharmacy network offers limited access to pharmacies with preferred cost-sharing in urban and suburban areas within Texas. The lower costs advertised in our plan materials for these pharmacies may not be available at the pharmacy you use. For up-to-date information about our network pharmacies, including pharmacies with preferred cost-sharing, please call 1-866-589-5222, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TTY/TDD users should call 1-888-206-8041 or consult the online pharmacy directory on this page.

Certain medications known as “compound medications” will only be covered if dispensed by pharmacies that have met the National Compound Credentialing Program (NCCP) criteria to dispense compound medications. This rigorous additional credentialing is only for pharmacies to dispense compound medications. All other medications (non-compounded medications) may continue to be filled at any network pharmacy. For more information about what pharmacies can dispense these compound medications, please call OptumRx Customer Service toll-free at 1-866-589-5222 (TTY/TDD users should call 1-888-206-8041).

If you need help finding a network pharmacy, please call 1-866-535-8343 or click on the link above to access our searchable directory. If you would like a Pharmacy Directory mailed to you, you may call the number above, or request one by sending an email to


Pharmacy Directory Request
If you would like a Pharmacy Directory mailed to you here are your options:

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Pharmacy Directory Addendum


Important Note for City of Houston Members:
Your pharmacies with preferred cost-sharing include Kelsey-Seybold pharmacies, Walmart/Sam’s pharmacies and all H-E-B pharmacies.