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Best Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019 Rating is from U.S. News and World Report, a leading publisher of annual authoritative rankings including Best Medicare Plans. Our plan does not have a direct relationship with U.S. News. This award was not given by Medicare. Our overall rating from Medicare for 2019 is 5.0. Our plan’s official CMS Star Rating can be found at


You can use the search options below to find medical services or facilities that are contracted with KelseyCare Advantage. Providers in this directory search are grouped according to the type of service they perform within the KelseyCare Advantage network, and then listed by company, location or provider name alphabetically. This directory is current as of 06/30/2020.

The contracted providers have agreed to provide you with covered services. You may go to any of the plan providers listed in this directory. However, some services may require a referral or prior authorization. Emergency services do not require prior authorization. Please note that this online directory lists free-standing emergency rooms and urgent care centers that are contracted with KelseyCare Advantage, however, you may visit other emergency rooms and urgent care centers.

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