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Valentine's Day Is on the Way

As we celebrate this day of love, don't forget to stay safe. To help, we put together a video of online dating safety tips, but some of these common sense tips can also be used as a guide for potential love interests that you meet in normal, everyday activities.

You can watch it by visiting our website at and click on:

  • "Already a Member"
  • "Member Tools & Resources," followed by "Member Videos," then scroll down to…
  • Click "Online Dating Tips for Seniors"

Everyone deserves love and companionship. Don't be afraid to pursue it, but also stay smart and safe while doing it!

Here are three highlights from the video:

1 Don't give anyone money, purchase gift cards for them, or reveal any personal information such as your:

  • Address (at least not right away)
  • Birthday
  • Social security number
  • Children's personal information

2 If your love interest keeps avoiding you and never wants to meet in person, then it's probably a scam artist. Scammers love to say they're travelling.

3 Take it slow! Scammers like to move fast and "love bomb" people as a form of distraction so you don't start to ask too many questions about them. Don't get so caught up in your emotions that you can't see if someone is trying to take advantage of you.

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