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KelseyCare Advantage Pharmacy Directory

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While you can go to any of our network pharmacies, your costs may be even less for your covered drugs if you use a network pharmacy that offers preferred cost sharing rather than a network pharmacy that offers standard cost sharing. The preferred cost-sharing pharmacies in the Greater Houston area include Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, HEB, and CVS locations.

Compound Medications

Certain medications known as “complex compound medications” will only be covered if dispensed by pharmacies that have been approved by the Networks Credentialing Review Committee (NCRC) to dispense such medications. This rigorous additional application is only for pharmacies to dispense complex compound medications. All other medications (non-complex compounds medications) may continue to be filled at any network pharmacy. For more information about what pharmacies can dispense complex compound medications, please call CVS Caremark Customer Service toll-free 1-888-970-0914, TTY 711.

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