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Hello, friends and neighbors!

I’m collecting pet food for Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston’s aniMeals program with my [ORGANIZATION NAME].  I hope you can help by donating any dog or cat food (either wet or dry) for my project!  Please leave any donation on your porch by [ DATE ] at [ TIME ], and I will come by to collect.  Thank you so much!

Here’s a little background about IMGH and aniMeals, in case you were wondering…

IM's "brings people of diverse faith/cultural traditions and backgrounds together for dialogue, collaboration, and service, as a demonstration of our shared beliefs."  IM has four main programs: Meals on Wheels, which serves over 4,200 seniors daily in the greater Houston area; Refugee Services, which works with the state department to resettle between 500-600 refugees from war-torn countries annually; Interfaith Relations, which provides opportunities thru varied social programming for people to come together to dialogue and form connections among diverse faith traditions; and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Response, which serves as a centralized switchboard to coordinate efforts between houses of worship and governmental agencies during times of disaster or crisis (hurricanes, for example). 

aniMeals is a program within Meals on Wheels.  A few years ago, IM’s drivers noticed that many seniors felt compelled to share their Meals on Wheels with their pets – forcing them to sacrifice their own limited food and resources, sometimes at the cost of their own nutrition.  In many cases, seniors are lonely – and their pets are the only companions they have.  So, to address this concern, the aniMeals program was born.  The program is available only to seniors already on the Meals on Wheels program, and provides cat and dog food on a monthly basis.  It is an immensely popular program and is 100% volunteer driven and led – everything from food donations to deliveries is done by volunteers.  And since IM serves around 1,100 pets every month – well, that’s a lot of kibble (which is why we need YOU!).

You can learn more here:

Thanks again for any pet food donations you can provide!  Don’t forget to leave your donations on your porch on [ DATE ] at [ TIME ].



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