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Valentine's Day Activities for Seniors

You may have considered Valentine’s Day as a holiday only for those young and in love. The fact is that there is so much to do on this special day that everyone can enjoy, no matter your age or relationship status. Taking the opportunity to get together with loved ones and friends for some much-needed socialization is just one benefit of celebrating this holiday. Check out some of the more popular ways to connect and relax, whether you have a date or not!

Easy Valentine’s Day crafts for seniors

Looking for a way to flex your creative muscles? Even if you don’t consider yourself artsy, these Valentine’s crafts for seniors let you express yourself.

1. Arrange a bouquet

Roses are the flowers most associated with Valentine’s Day, but as you may already know, they can be expensive to buy for the actual holiday. Instead, consider carnations. They’re more affordable and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Arrange them in a container of your choosing, adding some extras like baby’s breath or small decorative twigs. Consider giving your arrangement to someone who could use a pick-me-up on this special day.

2. Candy heart cards

Those little candy hearts with the sweet messages may not be that tasty, but they do serve as an interesting craft material. Use a box of assorted candies to create a collage card, including photos you printed or clipped from your files, glitter, stickers, and more. These cards may end up quite bulky, so avoid sending them through the mail. These Valentine's day cards for senior citizens are best delivered in person.

3. Pudding paint

Fingerpainting isn’t just for kids! In fact, using pudding in Valentine-themed flavors and colors is a fun way to make a painting at any age. Get pudding in vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate, make it according to the directions, and then put it into small cups. Use a paintbrush for more detailed work, or fingerpaint the entire piece. Sometimes, being messy is a great way to relieve stress and get the giggles out.

4. Channel your inner poet

You don’t need to be a world-class writer to enjoy the exercise of poetry. Whether you dabble in Haiku or create a sing-song rhyme for all of the members of your family, there are many ways to express yourself through the written word. If there is someone you are romantically linked to, consider telling them why they make you happy with some poetry.
If this isn't something you are interested in, you can always use your poem to praise a caregiver, friend, or even your furbaby. Plus, your pet will never judge you for your poetry attempts! Getting the words down is a great mental exercise that can keep your brain sharp, too. Who knows? Maybe you’ll love it enough to keep at it after the holiday is over.

5. Feed the birds

Bird feeders are a unique way to attract and observe wildlife, but Valentine’s Day calls for something a bit more hands-on. Connect with a birding friend and make some holiday-themed bird treats. To create your own feed, mix the following ingredients together in a bowl:

  • 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3 Tablespoons light corn syrup
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 4 cups wild bird food

Now, let’s get to the creative part:

  • Place a sheet of parchment paper on a table and set several cookie cutter shapes on top.
  • Fill each cutter with just enough birdseed for even edges.
  • Poke a hole in the middle of the mix where the string will go later, and gently remove the cutter.
  • After letting the shapes dry for a few hours, tie a string through the hole and hang them from the trees.

Now you can watch your feathered friends enjoy their sweet treats! Of all the easy Valentine crafts for senior citizens, this one may be the one you can continue to do year-round.

6. Cookie bouquet

If sweet treats are more your thing, you could put your baking skills to the test with one of the yummier Valentine’s crafts for seniors. Bake some cookies that are more durable, such as chocolate chip or peanut butter, then individually wrap them and tie them onto wooden skewers. Stick each skewer into floral foam tucked inside a vase or decorated bowl.

The result is an amazing bouquet that shows others you care (and tastes amazing dunked in milk). Create a few of these for the loved ones in your life—teenagers and college-aged kids are especially fond of this gift.

Other festive Valentine’s ideas for seniors

Not everyone is into crafts, and that’s OK! If you’d like to spend time with others but aren’t ready to get out the glue sticks, you can get hours of entertainment from these ideas.

7. Tea party

When you’re ready to take a break from making all those Valentine’s crafts for seniors, why not schedule high tea? Biscuits, finger sandwiches, and dainty desserts are a novel way to enjoy time with friends, and you can have everyone bring their favorite tea to share.

Tea parties are all about the food and conversation, while some enjoy playing a card game after their meal. If you really want to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, bring a deck or two for friends and play a few rounds of Hearts while you sip your favorite black or green brew.

8. Geocaching

If discovering treasure in your own backyard sounds like a fun idea, consider looking for or even creating a new geocaching spot. This hobby is popular with explorers of all ages, and you only need a compass or a GPS-location device, such as a cell phone, to look for these little hidden gems stashed all over the U.S.

There is likely a geocache close to you to discover, but if there isn't, creating your own treasure trove is exciting, too! Place Valentine-themed painted rocks, a keychain, or other trinkets inside a durable container, such as a clean, plastic peanut butter jar. Then, hide it someplace within walking distance (but on public property), and list it on a geocaching site for others to find.

9. Movie night

It’s common for people to want to watch romantic comedies and other romance-filled films on this special day, but you don’t have to stick to those made for starry-eyed love birds. If you’re having a “Galentine’s Day” party—one with just your best female friends, for example—you can always choose from a wide range of comedies, thrillers, and heists that have nothing at all to do with love.

This holiday is about bringing people closer together, so pick the movies that you like most. If you can't settle on a single film, consider a double-feature with a theme based on a location, actor, director, or specific time in history.

Share your Valentine’s experiences with others

If you feel the winter doldrums setting in, it’s natural to wonder if there are any new and different February activities for seniors. By trying even one or two of these unique ideas on our list, you can make your holiday a little less ho-hum and a bit happier.

Keep in mind that you can do all of these ideas with friends and family of all ages, and kids are especially eager to try the crafts and hands-on activities. The messier, the better! You could also use this time to rekindle relationships that became a bit distant over the winter. For those with family members too far away to participate in person, consider a virtual holiday party.

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