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Medicare Advantage Affiliate Specialists

Referrals for Care Outside the Kelsey-Seybold Network Are Made When Needed

If you can’t find the specialist you need within Kelsey-Seybold, you can be referred to a specialist selected and approved by your Kelsey-Seybold physician who will submit a request to KelseyCare Advantage on your behalf. Please note that before you receive any services from an affiliate provider, even after you’ve been approved to see that provider, you must get prior authorization from KelseyCare Advantage.  

Search Our Affiliate Specialist Directory

This directory is current as of 4/20/2023.

Request a Provider Directory

If you would like a provider directory mailed to you, here are your options:

Always at Your Service

Please Contact a Health Plan Specialist
at 713-442-5646 (TTY: 711)

8 a.m.– 8 p.m. | 7 days a week | From October 1 to March 31

8 a.m.– 8 p.m. | Monday – Friday | From April 1 to September 30

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