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Welcome to KelseyCare Advantage’s Metropolitan Transit Authority web portal—a web page dedicated exclusively to Metropolitan Transit Authority Medicare-eligible retirees enrolled in KelseyCare Advantage. It is a privilege to bring you high-quality, affordable healthcare and we look forward to providing you with excellent customer service for years to come.

Click on the links below to access important benefit documents for 2020.


KelseyCare Advantage members now have access to SilverSneakers®! Enrollment is automatic once your KelseyCare Advantage membership becomes effective. You’ll have FREE access to fitness centers all over Houston who participate in SilverSneakers®.

To find a fitness center near you, go to then click on “Locations.” They make it easy to find a location close to you. If you would like us to help you, call us at 1-713-442-CARE (2273) and we can assist you.





Drug Search - See if your drug is covered

Click here to search the 2020 Metro Preferred and Preferred+Choice Formulary.
Click here to search the 2020 Metro Preferred Rx Formulary.

Schedule of Copayments for Prescription Drugs

Your pharmacies with preferred cost-sharing include Kelsey-Seybold pharmacies, H-E-B and all CVS pharmacies. If you fill your prescription at these pharmacies, you may pay lower cost sharing than at other pharmacies.

Preferred Pharmacy
Tier 30-Day Supply 90-Day Supply
1 $3 $7.50
2 $30 $75
3 $30 $75
4 $60 $150
5 $33% 33%


Network Pharmacy (Non-Preferred)
Tier 30-Day Supply 90-Day Supply
1 $8 $24
2 $40 $120
3 $40 $120
4 $70 $210
5 33% 33%

Have questions about KelseyCare Advantage?

Call our Concierge Team at 713-442-9540 or toll-free at 1-866-534-0554, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Provider Directory Request

If you would like a Provider Directory mailed to you here are your options:

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